Law of Attraction: Why I want to fully believe but I can’t

Hasn’t everyone seen “The Secret”? Or read it? Or heard of Law of Attraction? It’s old news in the new age community. I love it. I get super sucked into it. Here’s why….

I LOVE ENERGY! I believe in it. It’s proven. We’re all energy. All mass is just energy in disguise. Everything is just tiny swirling, moving particles that move together and look like mass. Even the particles are mostly space with tinier particles moving around together to look like bigger particles. See, I love it! And it makes sense to me.


So it makes sense that if I push my arms out in front of me, the motion sends out energy that impacts the things and people around me. It’s the whole butterfly wing theory but on a smaller scale. So when I think about the law of attraction as energy that I’m putting out into the world and receiving back, it makes sense to me too. But here’s where it falls apart for me…

How does the law of attraction explain children getting cancer? You might be able to argue that adults getting cancer have decades of emotional energetic shit causing dis-ease in their bodies…which I don’t like that argument either…but children? Children I know are pure rays of vibrational goodness. It doesn’t get more in alignment than that. How does the child vibrate at a frequency that causes that level of disease in their body? How do they put that kind of energy out into the world? This is when it gets even more worrisome- some would argue that parents are vibrating that shit into their children. Out of fear, worry, control, or stress, or some other low vibration. And who does that help?

No one.


That’s where it falls apart for me. It doesn’t sit right with me. You can refute me…but here’s where it gets interesting.

Lots of theories have been proven or disproven by science. Universal laws have been replicated in experiments over and over again. Some things have yet to be explained. We don’t have any irrefutable evidence or lack of evidence that proves what happens after death. We don’t have any scientific proof of God existing or not existing. There are still things we just can’t comprehend and so many unknowns that are left unknown.

So why hold on to a theory that hasn’t been proven if it tortures you. Life is short. Find your own truth. Find what resonates in your heart and makes sense. And if you can…find what feels true and brings some peace, some hope, and maybe some joy.

What I choose to believe for now. (I reserve the right to change my mind and so should you).

I still believe in energy. I believe in something greater than myself. I believe that something orchestrates the massively complex and beautifully delicate systems that rule our universe. I don’t have the foggiest idea what that something is….I feel like something of that magnitude can’t be understood by me in this physical form because my body and brain limit me…in a good way. Otherwise my brain might explode. I want to believe that the universal powers that be are at the very least benign, I hope those powers are allies.

For some reason, I do believe that in some spirit plane, somewhere, we choose the life we’re living. We choose the time we are here on this earth and the parents we are born to. I think we even choose the lessons we want to learn. I think souls come to earth with contracts to play certain roles to better humanity as a whole…sometimes through massive tragedy. And I don’t think the lesson is always some glittery, joyfully teary, Hallmark moment where everyone stares knowingly at one another as they all receive the lesson at once. I think sometimes it’s gritty and painful. Sometimes the lesson might seem so muddy and so hard to tolerate that it cracks us open and tears us down to the depths of human suffering. But that just might be the lesson. The depth of our own souls. The depth of human suffering and where it leads. The understanding that only comes from walking the path that results in the ability to reach out and pull someone else out of that same hell.

That’s the only explanation so far that my brain can use to make sense of the drop dead beauty and the earth shattering hurts that occur in this crazy world. And I’ve seen major transformations occur from both those places. It’s like a ripple in a quiet pool. Energy…going out from moments…changing all those around us. I guess someone could still call that law of attraction…whatever.

If we get the choice to believe what we want to about our world, why not believe something that brings meaning to the chaos. Call it pollyanna…I’m fine with that too.