Welcome to Mama Harmony!



This is a community for creating harmony in parenting. How do we do that? We learn, we share, we heal, we laugh, we come together to support one another, and we grow! A rich life has been compared to a 3-legged stool. In order to feel whole we must grow on 3 levels: the emotional leg, the spiritual leg, and the physical. To me, the physical journey includes the body but also the mind.

I hope this site becomes a forum of sharing ideas and seeking the support we all desperately need as mothers, fathers, caregivers, and friends. We’re all on this journey together and we can all share experience, strength, and hope. Please feel free to email me at Sarah@mamaharmony.com with any questions, concerns, or ideas you would like covered.


No one knows your child as well as you do! But, even the most seasoned parent or most knowledgable can feel they’ve reach the end of their rope when it comes to discipline or behavioral issues. We’ve all been there! As a child development specialist, teacher, and mother, I hope I can provide some helpful suggestions and support as we face the ups and downs of parenting together.

There are other challenges we face as parents too. I know as a first time mama I was faced with making birthing choices, breastfeeding hardships, sleep arrangement choices, difficulty finding the right pediatrician, decisions about schooling and finding real face-to-face support through resources in my community. It can feel lonely and scary to wade through all the contradicting information and find your own voice and sometimes it just takes time. I can only focus on my own perspective, from my own experience, but I hope some of the information provided will open doors and start discussions that lead to parents finding their own voice and confidence.


My spiritual journey has provided me much relief in life. I turn to my spiritual connection in times of doubt, fear, joy, and sadness. I believe it helps me to be a better parent. Any post which contains spiritual elements is there strictly to share that part of my journey as a parent. I cannot separate the emotional, physical, and spiritual parts of my life because otherwise I would be a stool that could not stand. Many posts will contain two or more of these elements because the emotional, physical and spiritual threads coexist in life and in work.

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