Big girl bedroom: A birthday gift

First off, our daughter co-slept with us until very recently. I’ve written about co-sleeping in another post but it worked out well for our family.

I thought we’d be ready to move her to her own room around 2 years old, so Mr.B, my mom and I put together her bedroom as her 2nd birthday gift.

I even let her choose the theme. BIG MISTAKE! She wanted Frozen as her theme and she choose two paint colors for her walls- pepto pink and a soft purple. I usually allow our kiddo lots of room to make her own choices. She can pick out her clothes, decide what class she wants to take (dance, gymnastics, theater), etc.

I’m usually fine with her making her choices. Well, that’s a lie. I sometimes get twitchy when she puts on a pink tutu with green pants and a black shirt…and blue ballet flats but I also want to cultivate her independence and sense of self.

Not when it comes to her bedroom I guess!


So I decided to re-do it for her 4th birthday! I moved her bedroom to my old office and moved my office/den to where her bedroom used to be.

I thought long and hard about how I wanted her bedroom to feel- I’m super into feelings vs. “looks”.

I wanted her bedroom to feel peaceful, bright, happy, and soft and I wanted a nice mix of feminine and masculine energy. I searched for inspiration all over pinterest but couldn’t find what I was looking for.

Then one afternoon we were at the mall and little one was playing in the play area and I looked over into the windows of Carters. I saw this adorable little baby outfit that was hot pink and navy blue. Aw, I had a moment of sweet nostalgia because our girl looked so sweet in hot pink and navy blue and I typically dressed her in those colors with outfits from Carters. So I sought out Navy and Pink ideas on Pinterest and google and I found these-

It wasn’t long before Mr. B, my mom, and I were painting walls, spray painting furniture and hunting at Target.

I decided I wanted 3 white walls and one accent wall because white is crisp, clean and neutral. And if you know children, they bring tons of energy into a space- neutrals are good and calming! I wanted a nice accent wall because that’s easy to paint and change as she gets older and wants to express her taste in her bedroom decor. I like selecting cheap ways to change a design vs. having to buy all new furniture, new bedding, new decor, and new paint. An accent wall is easy to change.

I also went with plain white bedding because again, neutral and pillows and sheets are easy to change and accent the design. We got cute accent pillows at Target and the bedding was on sale in the summer for college bound kids.

We had an old Ikea bed that Mr. B and I had from when we moved in together. I decided to spray paint it hot pink. Little bean loves hot pink and I knew the bed would pop in the room. I spray painted it because it’s easier to get a clean finish and Ikea’s furniture is shiny and has a stick on finish- not good for sanding and painting. It worked great! Took a lot of spray paint though. Our garage floor will always have a hint of hot pink to it.

My mom had a cute, antique child’s dresser that she wasn’t using. It was white so we decided to spray paint that an antiqued gold. Turned out adorable and we used it as her night stand. She loves to collect nicknacks and stores them in her gold dresser.

My brother and I both used an old wood dresser that my mom had stained before I was born. It was pretty beat up but still in working order. I sanded it down and painted it with the same paint we used for the navy stripes on the wall. It looks amazing with the antiqued gold pulls.


I got accessories at Target- like the star lamp, the flamingo head, the gold circle shelf, the pink diamond lamp, the pink and white shag rug, the black out pink tassel curtains, and the cloud book shelves.

The piece that put it over the top was the large 3D paper flowers in pinks and whites that I found on Etsy.

I also love the poster I made on Etsy with Little bean’s name on it. I love how it went with the theme. I found a cheap plastic gold poster frame on Amazon and it completed the look.

I had a few items I had collected over the years for my future child– like my Disney figurines (on the shelves).

Overall, I’m so happy with the way everything turned out. Little bean loves it too- and that matters the most!

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