What if nothing is wrong?

So I heard this phrase, or question rather, a few months ago and it’s one of those moments when your brain gets a little scrambled…in a good way!!

So here it is….what is nothing is wrong? What comes to mind when that question is asked?

For me?

  • A shit ton of peace and relief
  • A moment of doubt…let me think about that because I’m pretty sure there’s something that’s wrong
  • Some room to breath
  • Brain scramble
  • Real awareness that in this moment…nothing is actually wrong.
  • Gratitude for what I have when I’m not running around like a chicken with my head cut off…

B wants you to know it’s all ok!!

So I know what some of you might be thinking…or maybe it’s just me…

What if in the moment something is actually wrong?

Sometimes shit happens, I’ve talked about this here before. It’s ok when things happen that are outside of our control but ya know what?? Even if someone gets hurt, or dies, or you get sick, or lose a job, etc….it isn’t happening over and over again every moment. It happened in one moment or you’re sick for a temporary amount of time or the person dies and the moment passes. It isn’t that we don’t have residual feelings or aftershocks, so to speak, but most of my suffering has come from reliving moments over and over again. Other ways I make myself suffer…I continually analyze ways I can avoid said experiences again in the future.

So let’s look at the concept of avoidance behavior, especially when it comes to avoiding pain or perceived negative experiences…

This is where the question, what if nothing is wrong, comes in heavy and real….

When I’m so busy trying to avoid future experiences that I don’t have control over my brain and body don’t realize that what I’m visualizing and anxious about isn’t actually happening in the moment. This practice actually creates real stress hormones, physical responses in my brain and body and puts my immune system and body in a compromised state.

But is anything in the moment really wrong? Nope.

What happens when you stay in that state for weeks? Months? Years? You don’t feel so great.


Read. Talk. Therapy. EMDR. Medication. Energy work. Tapping (EFT). Psychiatry. More reading. Awareness. More talking. More therapy. Friends. Fun. Sleep. Always sleep. Rest. Exercise. Good food. More awareness. Time.

And…slowly…these patterns start changing. It’s like a bad habit. It’s hard to break but it’s worth it.

It’s a journey. It’s a process. It’s life.

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